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One of the fastest-growing brands in the industry, Svakom combines technology, quality materials and innovative design. Whether utilizing high-quality camera technology, devices that stay heated at a constant temperature or buttery-soft silicone, Svakom is designed to please. Plus, by pressing the S key, users can initiate intelligent mode, allowing them to go on a journey from prelude, interaction, joy, passion, climax and final caress through the use of their intelligent mode. All Svakom devices utilize a polymer lithium battery that is good for up to 48 hours on one charge.

The Siime Eye (pronounced See Me!) is a vibrator that uses a WiFi enabled internal camera with state of the art visualization technology. Using the Svakom Siime Eye App for iOS or Android, pictures and video are transmitted via WiFi to a computer, smart phone or a tablet that can display what the camera is seeing while allowing the option to save. Six vibration modes, LED lighting and a sleek, waterproof design help make any fantasy come true. Simply stated, this is the ultimate selfie stick.

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