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This extra long dildo stimulates thanks to his 6 balls already without stimulation current especially intense vaginal or anal. The smooth metal glides over the skin with relish, while the dildo is inserted ball by ball. The strong roundings of this toy already create an increasing level of sexual excitation which is changing with every little movement and so creating new waves of lust every time. When stimulation current is activated, the whole alvus is streamed by a deep and pleasant tingling and prickle, which can be enjoyed for hours or lead to unexpected most intense orgasms. If one is stressing his or her muscles now, the stimulation is getting more intense at once, and one can –without using one’s hands – increase, control and come to an unforgettable climax. Moreover the full balls of Bal(l)zac make the stimulation always the most intense where the diameter of the balls is the biggest. Therefore one only needs to move the dildo some millimetres, and vagina or anus are spread with a new wave of electrical excitation.


IMPORTANT NOTE! Mystim Tension Lover Digital Nerv Stimulator is required for this item.

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