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Lube 101 Some Slippery Suggestions


 Water-based Silicone-based Hybrid Plant-based
What To Look For
What To Look For
What To Look For
What To Look For
The first ingredient is water or aloe (if glycerin is the first ingredient it will be very thick and might be more of a “warming lotion” for oral play).
Ingredients that end in “ol” or “cone” like: dimethicone, dimethiconol.  Also an ingredient like cyclopentasiloxane.
A water based lubricant with a silicone ingredient in there somewhere, like dimethicone.  It is usually visually white or creamy looking.

Can be a gel or liquid and contains a blend of plant-based derivatives instead of silicone polymers or petroleum products.

  • It can feel cool on the skin and may get a little sticky after a while
  • Can be reactivated by adding water
  • Most commonly used and manufactured
  • Offers the most variety, including flavors, warming stimulating and natural
  • Washes from the body quickly
  • Does not stain sheets
  • Compatible with all toy materials
  • Never feels sticky
  • Creates long-lasting glide
  • Can also be used for all-over body massage
  • Great to use in water (tub, shower or pool)
  • compatible with latex, rubber, glass and plastic materials
  • Do not use with most silicone devices.
  • Feels slippery, but thin enough to feel a lot of sensation
  • A unique, water-based lube that does not feel sticky
  • Leaves the skin feeling silky smooth when dry
  • Often hydrates, protects and traps moisture in the skin.
  • Compatible with latex, rubber, glass, metal and plastic materials.
  • Not suggested for use with most silicone devices
  • Provides a smooth glide and feels very silky
  • Some contain a natural form of glycerin that is derived from vegetable oil or plant cellulose
  • Many contain aloe for its healing moisturizing properties
  • Can be flavors or have a warming sensation
  • Many formulas are certified organic, which appeals to many consumers
  • Most formulas are compatible with all toy materials. Check label prior to use