Healthy Personal Lubricants


While most people produce enough self-lubrication, a lot of different factors can play a part in a less than ideal environment to play in.  Maybe one partner is ready and the other isn’t, maybe hormonal changes in her body are making things more challenging, or maybe the fantasy includes play in areas that don’t self-lubricate.


Whatever the case, needing additional lubrication is no cause for panic.  In fact, those few drops of liquid magic can take good sex to OMG sex by helping love-making sessions last longer and even helping to maintain a steady rhythm whether with a partner or playing solo.

Reasons to try lube:

  • Stimulating lubes create a different feeling!
  • Flavors make oral play a decadent delight!
  • Lubes are a fun way to experiment with different textures!
  • Lubes help prevent condom breakage!
  • Lubes make toys more comfortable le!



If you are using toys or condoms, it is ALWAYS a good idea to use lubricant.  Both tend to create dryness as they are exposed to air, making for uncomfortable re-entry and condom breakage.  Both also tend to absorb the body’s natural moistures.  Remember that the anus produces no moisture of its own — always use lube with anal play.


Q. My girlfriend gets really turned on, why should I buy lubricant?

A. Being turned on is not always connected to the amount of self moisture a woman produces.  Factors like hormones, medication, dehydration or stress can inhibit her body from mimicking her emotions.


Q. Can I use baby oil, massage oil or oil-based lubricants?

A. For some women, oils may leave unwanted residue, throw off vaginal pH balance or trigger irritation and infection.  However, coconut oil contains no preservatives or paragons and naturally contains antiviral, anti fungal and antibacterial properties like caprylic, caprice and auric acids.  It is also naturally edible.  Oil should never be used with rubber or latex (condoms or diaphragms).


Q. I seem to get an infection every time I use lubricant.  Is that normal?

A. Many factors can cause infections, from dehydration and stress to toy materials, condoms-and yes-lube.  try lubricants without glycerin or paragons.  These two ingredients most likely irritate sensitive users.


Q. I heard silicone lubricant is bad for you. Is that true?

A. Hight-quality silicone lubricants (with as few as 2 or 3 ingredients) are long-lasting and heighten sensation.  they are a great option for anyone with sensitive skin because they cause less skin irritation and generally dry smooth, leaving a velvety feeling on the skit.  in fact, it is so delicate to sensitive skit that most silicone-base lubricants can actually be used as everyday moisturizers.  Silicone is inert, meaning it cannot be digested or absorbed into the skin.  Silicone lubricants should not be used with silicone toys.


Q. I’m going through menopause, which is the best lubricant for me?

A. Hybrid lubricants that protect the skin and trap moisture.  in some cases, a sensitizing or warming lubrication can be helpful


Q. Why don’t you carry anal lubricants with numbing ingredients?

A. Anal sex should never hurt!  If you feel pain, it’s your body telling you it’s not ready yet.  Anal desensitizers can mask this.  Slow down, use more lube, be patient and try a thick water-based or silicone lube!


Q. Do I need to use lubricants, since I tend to produce a lot of vaginal moisture?

A. you may not need it, but you might really like it!  Imagine your lips rubbing together, first wet with saliva, then covered with lip balm.  Moisture is wet-lubrication adds sensation!